Is Tina in town? Nic Holas on the HIV positive community’s attitude to meth use

Nic Holas is preparing a survey of community attitudes towards the use of crystal meth with participants drawn from his online support group for HIV positive people, The Institute of Many (TIM). The results of the survey be presented at the community forum Is Tina in town? His unedited article appears here:

I’ve always thought of myself as one of those ultra-strong people who was not susceptible to any form of addiction. Then you get near something like this and you realise actually there are limits. To be honest it’s given me compassion for people who I used to judge as being weak willed or lacking self-control. It’s actually possible for people to lose it a bit.­ – HIV + gay man, aged 35-44

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Richard Keane’s speech at the 2014 Australian Drug Conference, ICE: Altered Realities

Richard 1

Living Positive Victoria Vice-President, Richard Keane, was invited to give the opening speech at the recent 2014 Australian Drugs Conference, ICE & Alerted Realities. Richard’s speech draws on the lived experience of methamphetamine use and HIV/HCV co-infection. Please note this post is meant for an adult audience and deals with serious life experiences not meant for children. Continue reading

Transmission: the journey from AIDS to HIV, a response by Joel Murray

Transmission: the journey from AIDS to HIV, by Joel Murray

World Premier – 17 July 2014 – The National Theatre, St Kilda


For almost thirty years and comprising 700 hours, the life-work of director and Journalist Staffan Hildebrand forms the Face of AIDS Film Archive at Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet. Since 1985, Hildebrand has been documenting AIDS and HIV from the epidemic to through to today in over forty countries. AIDS 2014 commissioned Hildebrand to make Transmission: the journey from AIDS to HIV which brings together four distinct moments and places relating to the AIDS epidemic and impact of HIV in the Asia-Pacfic region. Continue reading

Living Positive Victoria’s Positive Community Awards 2014 – drum roll please

Positive Community 2014 Awards

The Positive Community Awards are an opportunity for Living Positive Victoria and our community to recognise and celebrate the outstanding service, practice and support of individuals, groups and organisations.

Together our efforts advance the human rights and wellbeing of people living with HIV and empower all people affected by HIV to be part of the response that seeks to end the epidemic. Continue reading