Letter from Christabel Millar for International Women’s Day at ChillOut

Dear Positively Fabulous People ,

Thank you so much for coming to our gorgeous event supporting all women on International Women’s Day at Chill Out. I am so sorry not to be here with you all today, Ma’ Dam Kim is an absolute goddess to me and everyone around her and I wish I was right there by her side today to celebrate her and all of the fabulous work she does. I personally would be lost without her!  All women as well as positive women deserve a lot of extra support and love here in Australia, not only because we are fabulous but because sometimes it is hard to get our needs truly met so that  we can continue being fabulous! So please continue doing exactly what you are doing today by being courageous and openly loving and lifting up your fellow women! This community means the world to me and I feel so lucky to be part of such a remarkable world, I cannot wait to see you all soon so please have the most positively beautifully fabulous day!!

Love always