Playing Rock Hudson

Director Cameron Lukey
(Photographer: Pia Johnson)

From mid-November to early December this year, seasoned performer Cameron Lukey will be in the wings of Melbourne’s Malthouse Theatre for his directorial debut, Playing Rock Hudson. Originally from Perth, and having grown up in Sydney, Lukey relocated to Melbourne to study at the Victorian College of the Arts. He began writing scripts for short films at age 11, before forging a career as a singer with Opera Australia, Oz Opera and a number of other companies. Last year, Lukey returned to a lingering ambition to write and direct his first full length play. Lukey was initially drawn to the story of Hollywood screen legend Rock Hudson during high school, whilst reading about the drama surrounding the actor’s death. The aspiring scriptwriter knew Hudson’s life would make a compelling film or play, but to do it justice, conceded that the research required would be overwhelming. So, the idea was shelved for ten years. “I got caught up in the idea of a life lived in secret,” says Lukey. “I developed my own idea of Rock and became quite attached to that, and I think that’s why I’ve seen it through. Yes it’s an interesting story, but beyond that, it’s about a real person who lived an incredible life. In the end, it’s all about image. It’s about how we construct an idea of a person, and how far removed that is from reality. We do it now, we do it all the time in the way that media personalities are portrayed. I think this play looks at the truth behind that.”

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ENUF Voices: Maithri Goonetileke

Maithri Goonetileke

Maithri Goonetileke
Executive Director of Possible Dreams International, and Choir Master for the PDI choir

an interview with Paul Woodward

Maithri Goonetileke is Choir Master for the Possible Dreams International (PDI) Choir of Swaziland, a choir who sing songs of hope to those living in extreme poverty with HIV and AIDS in a country with the highest prevalence of AIDS in the world. The choir is composed of young people from the most remote rural areas of the country, some of whom are HIV-positive. The choir sings songs of hope and quiet joy in the face of adversity.

My name is Maithri Goonetileke. I am 32 years old, and I am the Executive Director of Possible Dreams International, and Choir Master for the PDI Choir.

So Maithri, how was the tour?
Spectacular. In a word. It was spectacular!

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